DM Pilot

Send Automated DMs on Twitter

DM Pilot is a web based app which allows Twitter users to send automated DMs based on six different triggers

Sending automated direct messages on Twitter is a bit of a sticking point with marketers with many claiming that they should be avoided at all costs. However, there are advocates of automated DMs and that’s why DM Pilot was built, to fill that need.

Most options out there allow Twitter users to send automated DMs to people who recently followed them. We wanted to provide something different at DM Pilot and that’s why we allow users to send customisable automated DMs based on 6 different triggers. DMs can be sent when:

• Someone new follows an account
• Someone likes a tweet
• Someone retweets a tweet
• Someone replies to a tweet
• Someone mentions an account
• Someone adds an account to a list

This gives people a lot more choice when it comes to marketing through automated DMs by using each of the above six triggers.

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