7 Questions

Interviews with Founders and CEOs

At 7 Questions, we interview the founders and CEOs of interesting companies, from across the world, asking them the exact same 7 Questions

At 7 Questions, our aim is to create a platform which provides short, easy to digest and insightful interviews with founders and CEOs from across the globe.

We currently have interviews with a diverse range of people from businesses of different sizes which include:

Jaclyn Fu from My Pepper, a Kickstarter funded bra company for small chested women which hit their funding goal in 10 hours

Charles Kunene the cofounder of Obaa, a secure messaging app for the health industry

Tom Hunt, the founder of Sneez, a TEDx speaker and a Dragon’s Den failure

Although we ask every founder and CEO the exact same 7 Questions, the variety of answers and the lessons that can be learnt from each interview varies greatly as each interviewee shares their business knowledge, their successes and their failures.